Allah never leaves you.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my way in life and maybe that’s why I’m sat here typing this post for people who like me feel like they’ve lost their way. You’d think as a Muslim I would be clear in what my purpose is in life — and it is in fact very clear, the purpose will always be to worship and to please Allah swt solely. So why is it that sometimes I feel almost lost in life and I guess in a way it’s down to lack faith and that’s the biggest problem. We lack faith sometimes.

As a Muslim when we face struggles it should essentially make our faith get stronger but. it doesn’t because we don’t allow it, we allow the struggles we are facing to cloud our judgement and allow it to break us when we shouldn’t let it affect us at all. I know that sounds crazy but when we allow our struggles to break us don’t, we forget about the deen? Don’t we distance ourselves from worship because we are angry? Because I know sometimes I do.

When we are struggling it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, sad, confused and lost. It’s normal to have 100 emotions going through you, after all we are human, and we feel things. I’ve noticed when I feel lost or I’m going through some hardships my imaan really fluctuates — some days my imaan is so high and I feel on top of the world and the next it’s crashing down and I’m left feeling so hopeless.

I think in a way hardships are blessings in disguise. Think of it like this when you are facing hardships what do you learn? It’s funny when I used to get tested with hardships I was angry everyday playing the blame game, but you know what I realised?

The only person you really have in this dunya is Allah swt and hardships will always bring you back to him, and if you don’t want the hardships to break you, turn back to Allah.

If the last few years have shown me anything is that, life is unexpected. People may hurt you, they may abandon you, but Allah will be there for you. Remember that Allah really does know best, and everything is written for us by the best planners.

Whatever is going on with you right now in your life was meant to happen for you. Whenever Allah wishes good for you he will make you struggle with hardships, and I guess maybe that’s why I welcome hardship because Allah has already decreed these matters to happen, the decision was always His.

All i can say if you’re feeling lost, helpless, sad — whatever you may be going through. Remember to trust in Allah and I know sometimes you may get tired of hearing those three words especially if you’re struggling, but I say this with firm belief — Trust in Allah.

Allah is the best of planners.

Time and time again in my life I’ve found myself disappointed in the way some things have gone, even frustrated. But why? This is his plan for me, I couldn’t grasp that before but now I’ve grasped that, I understand.

Allah knows best.

I understand when we’re struggling it’s difficult to have Tawakul especially when you’re life is falling apart in front of your eyes, but I promise you if you take that leap and put your trust in Allah everything will fall into place for you. Tawakul is a beautiful thing, I’ve learnt to find peace in it. Being content with Allah’s plans are the best, because you know one day it will all make sense.

I leave you all with the reminder that Along with hardships comes ease. So whatever you’re going through, stay strong and keep going. Ease is coming for you soon and Allah tests those He loves.

24 from London.