Sometimes in life, we can feel lost and its okay to feel like that, we all have periods like that. But if there’s anything I’ve learnt since 2016, its that if you’re lost you need to find yourself again or reinvent yourself and become something better.

Finding yourself is something that is so difficult because it forces you to question who you are, what you want for yourself. And those are probably the hardest questions to answer because to answer them you would need to know yourself. Truly knowing yourself will make you happier, now I’m not going to ramble on and say I fully know myself right now, but I can say that by getting to know myself I am currently so much happier.

To truly find yourself you need to work on yourself for YOURSELF. You won’t be able to find yourself if you are doing it for someone else, trust me on that one. Too many young people care about finding someone else before they find themselves, you have to find yourself before you can even think about that. A huge factor that comes to finding yourself is the concept of bettering yourself you need to be ready to grow, learn about yourself, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You need to be ready to accept your flaws, insecurities and once you accept yourself, you are truly ready to shine.

This is all a journey, one that takes time. No one can tell you how long it will take you to truly find yourself it may take weeks, months or even years. But the most common misconception is that you need to do something drastic to find yourself, but you don’t. For me, it was all about the small steps I took that have benefited me the most. You need to find what makes you happy and do more of it, make small goals for yourself and try new things. All these small steps you are taking will benefit you in the long run and will make the journey of finding yourself that much easier.

I’ll round off this post by saying this journey of finding yourself, is not easy. You will start to find yourself, and you will lose friends, but that’s okay because you will have gained something in the process. Now I’ll leave you with a quote from Charles de Lint “you’ve got to find yourself first. Everything else will follow”.

Thanks for reading!

24 from London.