New year – newish me?

It’s so crazy to think we are already nearly a month into the new year, and just like every year when January rolls around; most people are trying to implement new changes into their lives. Whether its something big like dieting, saving money or something small. Everyone seems to be on the new year, new me flex. Including me..

Every year I try to set New Year’s resolutions, and every year I fail to stick to them. But this year I’m determined to set REALISTIC goals for the year. I think sometimes we get lost in the motion of a new year and we set goals that are very big and unrealistic. We try to change everything about ourselves at once and that’s just not practical, you need to set small goals that work as stepping stones for the bigger ones.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change yourself, to be honest, the first step is acknowledging that you would like to change something in your life. That’s just the easy part, from when you recognise you want to change that’s when the real work starts. Think about what you want to change and how you can achieve that, set a plan in motion that include small and realistic steps that will help you make the change. At first it will be hard just as you expected, but you need to push yourself to achieve the intended goals. The problem with new years resolutions is that they lose momentum as the year progresses because we almost become unmotivated. We get unmotivated, and then we stay complacent with how we are.

One thing I know about 2021 is that I don’t want to stay complacent. I want to be a better version of myself always. In day to day life, envisioning that better version of myself is something that makes me happy — but I do feel downhearted when I think about where I am and where I exactly want to be.

The line between where I am and where I want to be, absolutely terrifies me.

Trying to be a better version of myself isn’t going to magically happen in one day, I feel like I have to constantly remind myself that to change I need to put the work in — which can be challenging at times. Especially right now, it still feels like we’re in 2020 and still on standby even though we are in 2021.

  • I tried to keep the goals I have for this year simple and not complicated. Since we are still in a national lockdown there is only so much I can do — why not try and work on myself for the better?

My goals for 2021:

  • Prioritize my mental health.
  • Become a better Muslim.
  • Step outside my comfort zone.
  • Try to save some money.

Some top tips to help you achieve your goals:

  • Write them down.
  • Be specific.
  • Be patient.

I tried to make my goals for this year as easy as possible. These are all things I can incorporate into my daily life, making them doable and more likely for me to achieve them by the end of the year.

I think its quite crucial for you to write down your goals for the new year, just so that you can look at them and it’s a reminder for you when you’re not feeling motivated. Just having it written down on your phone, in your diary or on a post-it note will help you stick to them.

I like to write my goals down, it really helps me to reflect on them and see where I am with them.

You have to be specific with your goals, because it’s not good enough just saying “oh I want to be a better Muslim’’. The more specific your goal is to you, the more your able to achieve that said goal and the more it is able to motivate you.

My last tip is to be patient with your goals, don’t expect it to all work out the first time. It will take time and patience, but it will all be worth it in the end. Just keep persevering with it!

Before I round this post up, I just want to say after the year we had last year and how 2021 is already going, be easy on yourself. We are still in the middle of a pandemic – life is still difficult if you haven’t got any goals this year that’s perfectly fine! If all you want to do is survive, that’s perfectly fine! If you’re going to have big goals or small goals- that’s fine too.

Just make sure whatever you’re doing this year it’s for yourself and it’s what you can handle!

I’m wishing you all a successful, peaceful and happy 2021!

Keep staying safe,


24 from London.