As a young woman I find it really sad seeing young, strong beautiful young girls measuring their self worth on how many guys want to date them or how many guys find them attractive. It’s a real shame that in today’s society some girls still measure their self worth based on others opinions of themselves. Your self worth is determined by you alone, not by what other think about your appearance.

Self love is the best type of love, we must remember to be kind to ourselves and always love ourselves. Why is it that we are our own worst enemies? So quick to put ourselves down but never the first one to praise ourselves. It’s like subconsciously. we are waiting for someone to praise us for something we’ve done, before we feel satisfied. Essentially we are stopping ourselves from achieving happiness because of the negativity we create.

Learning to love yourself is one of the hardest things ever. I’m not going to lie to you and say self love is something that takes a day to achieve, it takes real effort to understand why you need it and it even takes longer to forget what everyone thinks about you and learn that you are the single most important person in your life. You need to prioritise and take care of yourself.

Learn to depend on no one. It’s only normal to be your own worst enemy or your own biggest cheerleader but that’s OK.

We all want to be happy and we all deserve to be happy, don’t forget that. But I think most of us are forgetting that before all that happiness can come that you need to love yourself first. Love all your imperfections, love your quirks and everything about you. Honestly, how can you truly be happy if you’re basing your happiness around someone else? What happens when they leave? They take all that happiness with them. You’re going to end up unhappy, because your happiness for however long was based on them being in your life.

You’ve got to be happy on your own before you can be happy with anyone else. You’ve got to love yourself, before you can love anybody else.

I say this as someone who use to have such a low opinion of myself, self love is the most important thing; it takes time, effort and hard work to get to that stage where you do really love yourself. But It’s so worth it, seeing yourself in a different light.

I write this for all the girls who are struggling to love themselves and their imperfections. All the girls who feel like they aren’t good enough, remember you are good enough no matter what they say — you are worth it. All the girls who don’t think they are beautiful because they don’t fit into societies idea of beauty, you are beautiful.

Honestly, just love the skin you’re in, be confident in yourself, always be kind to yourself, know you're worth and don’t ever forget to love yourself.

Thanks for reading!

24 from London.