We are definitely in the era of social media, we are all constantly- tweeting, snapping and Instagramming. When looking at social media, it’s important to know that there are negatives and positives. I think in this day and age, we are experiencing a lot of negatives.

We are so prone to sharing the good side of our lives on social media which leads everyone to believe that your “living life”, some people have created a persona for themselves that on social media they have money, they have everything etc. This just makes people feel inadequate because if you’re just seeing your age mates posting all this nice stuff, it can make you feel really shitty.

Even though you don’t know what they are REALLY going through. You got to remember, no one is really going to brag about their bad times, we only see what people want us too.

In this day and age, we are so prone to oversharing our whole lives, which in turn can be such a bad thing to do. You don’t know people’s intentions- yes you want to believe everyone is going to be happy for your successes, but in reality, not everyone is going to be enthusiastic. Some people are silent haters giving you “evil eye”. It’s a crappy world where not everyone genuinely wants people to succeed.

Of course, I’m not saying, you shouldn’t be able to post about your successes, your failures, thoughts and feelings. You have the right to do that- but people forget that once you post something you are allowing other people to talk rubbish.

Social media can be such a toxic place and so damaging to your mental health at times- we need to understand and accept that it can be a fun place but it can also be so toxic.

It’s super important to remember that what you see on social media isn’t everything. I know what I post on my social media is only 10% of my life and that goes for so many other people. So how can you wish to have someone’s life when they only show you 10% of it?

I understand how toxic social media can really be at times and spending too much time on it can really have a negative effect on you. For me, I genuinely feel like Instagram can be the worst app for young people who have self-esteem problems. We have constantly been bombarded with these seemingly “perfect” people with size 0 bodies, perfect skin, perfect makeup with the latest gadgets etc. It’s so sad to know that young girls are comparing themselves and feeling inadequate about themselves. How can we expect them not to feel like that when it’s all they see?

I really feel like social media has ruined a lot of things, don’t get me wrong. I love social media but it has lowkey ruined communication, relationships and a lot of other things. Nowadays you see people discussing their relationship problems to entertain other people, what happened to sort it out between each other. More people share their relationship issues on the timeline, which allows random people to have a voice in something that should be private.

Lowkey rambling- oops.

To wrap it up, I think social media is all fun and games, but we shouldn’t let it consume us. There is a whole world outside of social media and we shouldn’t forget that. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to social media- if you feel like you need a detox to have one. Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do for yourself is just to pull back from the internet and social media. Allow yourself to have a break and realise that what you see online isn’t everything.

Thank you for reading!

24 from London.